Friday, October 26, 2007


Mouse with built in numeric keypad

My laptop does not have a numeric keypad which makes it difficult to enter data in Excel so this combined mouse/numeric keypad by EzKey should be very useful:

Via [The Raw Feed]

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Microsoft Live Labs Listas

Microsoft does a different kind of Google Base with Listas. From the technology preview, i.e. beta, release notes:

Listas is a tool for the creation, management and sharing of lists, notes, favorites, and more. It allows you to quickly and easily edit lists, share them with others for reading or wiki-style editing, and discover the public lists of other users.  We encourage you to try using it for meeting notes, bookmarks, shopping lists, to plan a night out, or whatever other creative ways you can think of.

In the Listas Community Section, you will find a number of highlights of the most popular and random items from around the community of public lists such as the most used tags, the hottest lists, and prolific contributors.   You can even add others’ lists (or any RSS feed) to your own Listas so you are always up to date.

The Listas Toolbar lets you grab contents from pages as you are browsing.


Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

The Bamboo Fun Tablet comes with both a mouse and pen making it easy to touch up digital photos, draw by hand, create artwork and paintings, and even write in your own handwriting.

Bamboo Fun includes full editions of valuable creative software to help get your creative juices flowing. Edit photos with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, create artwork with Corel® Painter™ Essentials, and apply photo effects with Nik® Color Efex™ Pro.


  • Works with new handwriting recognition, inking and pen features in Windows Vista (all editions but Home Basic) and Apple operating systems (OS X)

  • Supports widescreen displays and has a textured work surface for a natural pen-on-paper feel

  • Precise control and 512 levels of pressure sensitivity on the pen

  • Quick access to user-defined shortcuts with four Express Keys™

  • Easy scrolling and zooming with finger-sensitive Touch Ring

  • Patented, battery-free pen with customizable buttons for comfort and reliability

The tablet is available in a variety of colors and two sizes; small and medium.

Via [The Creative’s Corner]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Echocrome, an impossible game for the PSP and Playstation 3

Echocrome is an unusual game, very different from your normal kind of shoot-em-up. It a graphical puzzle in a Escher like world where you rotate the puzzle to change perspective and connect paths that would not be connected otherwise.

This video shows how the Object Locative Environment Coordinate System, that form the rules of the game, work:

Now that you know the rules, you are ready for the demo.

A shame there will be no version for my Wii, as it is created by Sony's Japan Studios...

Via [Impedance Mismatch]


Scott Adams virtual book signing October 30th

Scott Adams is doing a virtual book signing of his latest book: Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice in Second Life October 30th, at 9 pm EST.

My avatar will be handing out free Dilbert posters for your virtual homes in Second Life. Best yet, the system will be programmed so your avatar can kick my avatar in the crotch. (Really.) How fun is that? And in the Q&A session you can ask me any question your avatar isn’t embarrassed to utter.

Scott Adams Virtual Book Tour

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Vectrix electric sport motorbike

The Vectrix as we know it looks like a normal scooter:

But the new member of the Vectrix family looks just mean:

It will be officially presented at EICMA 2007 6-11 November in Milano so I will try to get some more details regarding the performance of the bike then. The standard Vectrix is not bad at (0-50 km/h - 3,6 seconds, 0-80 km/h - 6.8 seconds) but this “thing” looks a lot faster.


eStarling Wi-Fi Photo Frame

The eStarling is not your standard 8-inch LCD photo frame as it has a lot more to offer. In addition to displaying photos from a wide range of memory cards it can also connect to a wireless network and automatically display photos from e-mails, RSS etc in a slide show format. You can even send photos back to the web.


  • LCD Display: 8-Inch LCD screen (800 X 600 pixels) with built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine

  • Communications: Internal 802.11b/g (WEP64, WEP128, WPA1, WPA2)

  • Interface: MMC/SD/CF/MS card slot; USB 2.0 host and client port

  • Memory Size: On-board FLASH memory 128M


  • Photobucket Integration: Millions of users who have stored their photos with Photobucket can send photos directly from their Photobucket accounts to eStarling.

  • Immediate Direct Photo Emailing to Frame: Each frame has its own unique email address so that photos can be received from computers or mobile phones. A built-in email filter protects against unwanted photos. No setup is required for senders to send photos to the frame.

  • Group Frames: Users can set up a single email address that corresponds to multiple frames so that photos can be easily shared and displayed on those frames.

  • RSS Support: The eStarling frame supports all major RSS photo feeds now including Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, AOL, Smugmug, iPhoto, Gallery, etc. (More coming soon.)

  • Email-to-Frame / Web-to-Frame Messaging: Short messages can be sent directly to eStarling frames from user's Seeframe Live account and allowed email accounts and cell phones.

  • Smart Photo Play List: Users can choose photos to be displayed on an eStarling frame on specified dates, such as displaying selected photos on a user's birthday or anniversary.

  • Email Photos from Frame: A one-touch button allows users to send photos directly from their frames to a Web account and the email accounts of their family and friends.

  • Text Messaging to Frame: Short messages can be sent directly to eStarling frames from a user's Seeframe Live account, or from authorized email accounts and cell phones.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Dual touch screen

Most mobile devices use some sort of stylus to interact with the touch screen as it is simpler to implement and more accurate. “Big“ fingers cover small objects so they are hard to see and difficult to select. The LucidTouch prototype overcomes these limitations by letting the user touch the back of the device. Touching an object from behind the screen is difficult so the LucidTouch system lets you "see" your fingers through the screen:

The key to making this usable is what we call pseudo-transparency: by overlaying an image of the user’s hands onto the screen, we create the illusion of the mobile device itself being semitransparent. This pseudo-transparency allows users to accurately acquire targets while not occluding the screen with their fingers and hand. LucidTouch also supports multi-touch input, allowing users to operate the device simultaneously with all 10 fingers.

The demo can hardly be called mobile as it uses a web cam behind the device to see where the fingers are. But the idea is pretty cool and the video shows how some of the new ways a user can interact with a “transparent“ touch screen.

Via Technology Review