Monday, September 15, 2008


Air Sharing for iPhone

One word: wow

I have used my iPhone 3G for less than a week but I started missing my Pocket PC when I discovered that iPhone/iTunes has no way to copy files to the device. I'm pretty “green“ so I print to PDF instead of bringing paper copies of reservations, directions etc. That worked great on my last Pocket PCs but not on the iPhone :-( Until I tried the free Air Sharing app.

Air Sharing is a very simple application but it fills a big void on the iPhone. It lets you copy any file you want to the iPhone and back. It doesn't matter if the iPhone “supports“ the file format or not. You can view supported formats like html, PDF, jpeg etc directly on the device, otherwise it is a very handy locker for bringing along files. Who needs a USB key when you can bring files on your iPhone?

Air Sharing is a WebDav server so you can interact with it from Linux, Mac, Windows or any compliant web browser. Let me repeat this; there is no software to install on your desktop/laptopIt just works. Start Air Sharing on your iPhone and you can access the files from any client.

The app is free for a limited time only so get your copy now.

Let me say that one word again; wow