Monday, August 30, 2004


Orion Multisystems "PCs"

The Orion DT-12 is a neat little desktop that has 12 nodes, 36Gflops peak processing performance, 24GB ram and 1TB internal disk storage.

The Orion DS-96 tower model specs are just impressive:

It has up to 96 nodes, 300 Gflops peak processing performance (150 gigaflops sustained*), 192 gigabytes of DDR SDRAM memory, and 9.6 terabytes of internal disk storage. It plugs into a standard 15A wall-socket, consumes a peak of 1500 watts, and fits unobtrusively beneath a desk.

Cool Or What?

Pricing is not available yet, but it should be possible to buy the Orion Cluster Systems online from  22 September

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