Thursday, September 2, 2004


Systems Engineers on the road with WiFi

WiFi can be a real savior at certain times. Especially at 5a m when you're in front of the office, have to make an important change to a production system, and the security guard decided it was better to stay in bed than to go to work.

The pictures shows how one of my colleagues saved the morning  day by connecting to the 3rd floor WiFi from the street below the office. Way to go SLL!

I guess this could be a new way to save money in the US. Who needs cubicles anymore? Any -real- American car has air conditioning, a huge cup holder and enough room for supplies for a few days of work. Employees can buy food at drive-ins on the way to work or order take away food tvia inernet hat fits through the car window. Place a Porta-Potty or two in the parking lot and you're OK. The office spaces can be left clean and tidy, available for client tours and marketing department parties.

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