Monday, October 10, 2005


Google Reader: goodbye Bloglines?

I just imported my Bloglines subscriptions to Google Reader. It took a while as I have hundreds of subscriptions but the wait was worth it. It  uses the same labeling system as gmail so if you are familiar with gmail you will feel right at home with Google Reader:

I particularly liked what it did with my Bloglines folders. I had built a fairly large hierarchy which it converted to labels so the feeds in the "security" folder in Bloglines all have the "security" label in Google Reader.

The only feature I miss of Bloglines is the newspaper like view that listed all the posts in one folder in alternating colors. Luckily there are simple one-key shortcuts in Google Reader to quickly navigate the posts. No need to use both hands to press Ctrl + another key. "j" is enough to go to the next post, "s" to star it etc.

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  1. I have played around with Google Reader lately. I wanted to add a "subscribe with Google Reader" link to my blogs so I created a basic Google Reader subscription generator. Just enter the complete URL of you RSS feed and it generates the Google Reader subscription url...