Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The worlds biggest motorcycle show: EICMA in Milano with Marco Melandri and Max Biaggi

The worlds biggest motorcycle show, the 63rd International Motorcycle Exhibition is on in Milano Italy is open to the public from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20.

It is big. We're talking a 60.000 square meters exhibition hall with its own outdoor area to where you can have fun with the different motorcycle categories in MotoLive to live your passion as a protagonist; Freestyle, Supermotard, Supercross, Quad and Acrobatic Trial, Driving School Test Drive, ...

The full fare ticket at 16 euro gives you the right to 2 free runs on the public transport system.

Melandri attends today and Thursday. Max Biaggi was scheduled to attend on Saturday but I am not sure if he will attend as he still does not have a place in MotoGP for the 2006 season. His comments about sabotage earlier this season was not digested well by Honda. So far they are keeping their promise: Max Biaggi will never ride a Honda again.

Biaggi has good ties with Camel and I guess he, like the rest o us, expected him to end up in the Sito Pons Camel Honda team. But Honda said no and so has Yamaha. The only options are the teams at the and of the grid... EuroSport has all the dirty details and wild speculations.

See you at EICMA this weekend!

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