Sunday, November 19, 2006


NetFront 3.3 Internet Browser for Pocket PC

NetFront 3.3 won the Pocket PC Magazine 2006 award in the Browsers and Web Utilities category. It is no wonder considering the impressive feature list:

  • Smart Frame Operation
  • Web Data/Password Manager
  • Pop-up blocker
  • RSS and Atom Feed compatibility
  • Page translation
  • NetFront SMIL and SVG Player
  • Auto-Cruise function
  • Runs external applications
  • Internet Search bar
  • Smart-Fit Rendering with multiple browse modes (Full, Text, Simple, Rapid-Render).
  • Virtual Canvas for rendering on virtual screen sizes. Multi-window function (tab browser)
  • Java JV-Lite2, Macromedia Flash



  1. I followed your suggestion and I've installed the trial version but I've found some problems in managing SSL connections and digital certificates.

    NetFront is not integrated in Windows CE Digital Certificate management and it doesn't give you any option to upgrade and upload CA public certificates.

    In addition to this I often have errors while using ssl connection (always related to Digital Certificates) preventing from using the browser for serious stuff.

    If this is "the best" the Windows CE world is not in a good condition for browsing...

  2. I am sorry to hear that. Did you have problems with "standard" sites using https or only with sites using digital certificates not issues by the main Certificate Authorities?

    Then again; anything is better than the Pocket Internet Explorer (at least for sites not using https :-)

  3. Thank you to give me a good software.

  4. Thank you again.

  5. i like net front 3.3 internet browse