Saturday, August 4, 2007


Jott: Hands free note taking and messaging

I often use the voice recorder of my Pocket PC to take notes when I drive or when I walk but I have to transcribe them later. Jott solves the problem, and it works with any phone: just call and leave a message to yourself or anyone else. Jott analyses the message and sends a mail with the transcribed text and an audio attachment.

A great service but currently only available in USA and Canada.


  1. Good find! Jott is a very useful tool, especially when you have your hands tied or behind the wheel. ESPECIALLY behind the wheel! Jott just might have saved a ton of people from getting a ticket on the road for using your cell phone while driving! Try it will other apps like RTM or Vitalist. Just a few GTD combos there. Hope it helps!

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