Friday, August 27, 2004


Create Self-Booting Movie CDs

This is a pretty neat idea; Convert your own DVDs to self-booting Linux CDs. The idea is simple; take your DVDs and make a "who cares if it get's destroyed" copy on a CD that you can watch in any PC that can boot from a CD. The CD contains a mini version of Linux and a media player that can play just about anything.

Personally I don't need it at the moment as I bought the Kiss DP-1500 earlier this year. I plays my entire CD (ripped to MP3) and DVD (converted to DivX) collection via LAN. Still working on the VHS collection though. The MovieBox Deluxe USB looks neat (let me know what you think).

The steps in the article uses Linux but there are plenty of alternatives for backing up DVDs for Windows users as well; DVDx, DrDivX etc


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