Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hellacious mailbox: 100GB!

Wow! Hellacious Riders offer 100GB of mailbox storage with a reasonable :-) 500MB attachment limit. Not only that; be the first one to fill it up with mail and you get 1TB of space on a dedicated server….

The cost? It's free!

You have to suffer through the usual adds on the web site and the monthly "newsletter" though. Hotmail starts charging for downloading mails to Outlook Express but Hellacious Riders gives free POP3 access. Cool Or What? Not that I plan to use POP3. The hard disk on my laptop is too small and the whole point with an online mailbox is that I can access my mail from any place with any client.

From tom's hardware guide interview with Hellacious Riders:

So we decided to offer a 3 GByte email account to users. But it is easy for others to increase that to 5 GByte. We wanted to do something 'hellacious' and came up with the idea to offer 100 GByte and allow users to send attachments in sizes up to 500 MByte."

For the coming week he plans to launch a fee based email service with capacities ranging from one Gigabyte to one TByte. An ad-free 100 GByte email account will be priced at $150 per year.

Screenshots and review of the beast coming as soon as my mailbox is active (it takes up to 72 hours to activate it after registration).

Via tom's hardware guide


  1. Never Send My PAssword !

    ITs a Fake !!!

  2. cant receive mail from hottmail, yahoo or gmail,

  3. I have not tried with yahoo or gmail, but I sent a mail to myself on yesterday evening from hotmail without problems.

  4. how good could something that you can't used be ?

  5. You have a -very- good point if it does not work.

    I did my best to verify that it does work by sending mails to and from my work and private e-mail before posting. Both worked fine so I thought it worked fine. After your initial comment, I tried sending mail from hotmail to and it worked without problems.

    In the meanwhile I have also got a gmail account. After receiving your second comment this evening, I just sent a lot of email to myself with the following results:

    hriders => hotmail OK (ended up in 'junk e-mail' folder)

    hriders => gmail (still waiting)

    gmail => hotmail ERROR (got PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 10): 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for Resent the mail and got the mail in the 'junk e-mail' folder

    gmail => hriders OK

    hotmail => gmail OK

    hotmail => hriders OK

    I did not test a yahoo account as I do not have one.

    I'll continue "talking" to myself via e-mail the next few days and see what happens :-)

  6. How do i cancel my email at Hellacious ? i could never loging to my inbox, so why bother

  7. I did logged in a couple of time but now all get is this messeges:

    The server process has been interrupted due to an internal error. Please wait a moment, then refresh the page.

    i been dong that for the las two weeks

    i do have Gmail, with some invitations, if need any let me know

    nelson nunez

  8. how can i get an account at this site

    Hellacious mailbox: 100GB!

    i too need a 100GB mailbox

    plz reply at as early as possible

  9. It looks like the service is not available anymore :-(

  10. How can I get a free 1000 GB mailbox with 500 MB attachment. If u can provide then pls contact me at my following email id's:- (PRIMARY EMAIL ID),,