Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Images and notes from the worlds biggest motorcycle show; EICMA

The EICMA show was -big- and there was, as I hoped , a lot of neat bikes. I will leave the technical analysis to the experts and post my images and notes instead.

First of all; I am sad to say that the organization did not impress me. The Milano Fiera show room is brand new and a lot of (tax payer) money was spent creating it. I spent most of the morning sitting in a traffic jam and walking through the, still under construction, site.Having said that; the internals of the Milano Fiera is nice, well organized and there were no long lines for buying the tickets.

Yamaha a big and loud presenter which makes sense considering their 50 year anniversary. I tried sitting on one of the M1 replicas but it is not for me as I am too tall. There were plenty of Valentino Rossi bikes around:


I surprised myself, and was most impressed with the new bikes from Moto Guzzi. For obvious reasons I just had to take a picture of “Norge


The Griso is a great bad looking bike, especially from behind:


Not as bad as the Victory though (which looks like it ate a truck for breakfast)...

Two other mean looking bikes, where this one from Benelli:


and the MV Agusta Brutale

Having “drooled“ over the big bikes most of the day, I found the mini/midi moto section:
A big bike is dangerous in the Italian traffic and you are not likely to keep it for long if you use it for going to work so mini/midi motos are perfect for letting off some steam on a closed track with minimal investments. I still have to choose my wheels so suggestions on models, vendors and tracks (in northern Italy) are more than welcome. Some of the Mini/Midi moto bike links I picked up during the show, let me know if you have others:

BTW: Part of the show room was dedicated to Chinese vendors offering bikes at an incredibly low price. Too low a price. One of the vendors found a replica of his product at a fraction of the price at one of the Chinese stands and told the Italian "finance police". A few “lucky” customers got a bike for a great price, but it is a risky business considering how close you are to the ground at 60 km/h.

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  1. omg im a big fan of mini motos i love dem hope u had fun on dem