Sunday, January 29, 2006


Skiing in the desert of Dubai

Ski Dubai  has 5 slopes that varies in difficulty. The longest one is 400 meters long:

Constructing a ski slope in the desert is one thing, but to keep it running most cost a fortune. 30 tons of fresh snow is generated daily and the temperature is kept at a constant, and comfortable, -1°C to -2°C:

Our facility is specially designed as a massive cold box. The walls have numerous levels of insulation, and the roof is 5 metres higher than the ceiling, providing very efficient insulation. This makes Ski Dubai one of the best refrigerators in the world! We have 23 blast coolers (air conditioner type machines) that chill the air and maintain a temperature of -1c during operating hours. There are also kilometres of glycol tubing running through the floor (similar to the back of your refrigerator) that chill the snow, keeping the base of the snow solid, and 30 tons of fresh snow are made daily to cover the base.

Tired skiers can chill out the best hotel in Dubai the world Burj Al Arab ******* after a long day on the slopes


No need for it in Milano these days as it has not snowed so much since 1985! Thursday and Friday was lovely but it started raining on Saturday so the snow is slowly melting away :-(

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