Thursday, April 6, 2006


Improve TomTom 5 performance on Pocket PC

TomTom5 can be very slow displaying Points Of Interest on a Pocket PC. It gets slower the more POIs are added. The problem is that it takes forever to read the ov2 files. You can work around the problem by buying a very fast SD card or you can fix the problem in a couple of minutes by converting the OV2 files.

  • Download and extract the OV2 tools from TomTom 

  • Copy the OV2 files from your Pocket PC to the directory with the OV2 tools

  • Run Dumpov2.exe. It creates an .asc file for each ov2 file

  • Run Makeov2.exe for each .asc file using this command: for %i in (*.asc) do makeov2.exe %i

  • Replace the original OV2 files on the Pocket PC with the converted ones

POIs you download from POIGPS should already be optimized

Thanks for the tip Max!

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