Thursday, May 18, 2006


Gekkomat: climb walls like Spiderman

It looks a bit bulky but the Gekkomat lets you climb walls like Spiderman as the vacuum pads make it possible to "cling to the wall" like a Gecko:

From the very start, the aim of this project was to give humans the ability to traverse horizontal or overhanging walls and ceilings as a Gecko. This should be done as naturally as possible with little hindrance and independently from outside energy sources. The project started with technical-physical calculations, followed by ergonomical design studies, computer-aided planning and experiments.

Today, the "gekkomat" is a fully autonomous machine which enables a man to move about on various surfaces (horizontal and overhanging). The technique is based upon a combination of vacuum and friction principles. The "gekkomat" is comprised of a central energy unit which is worn on the back of the "gekkonaut" and four vacuum pads attached to his hands and feet. So now it is possible: "To Climb like a Gecko"!

Cool Or What?

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