Thursday, August 10, 2006


Skype 2.5 supports SMS

I have not used Skype since last year after I moved to VoIP. My Skype credit was about to expire so I downloaded the latest client and was surprised to see that it supports sending SMS. The sender of the SMS can either be the skype id or any mobile phone you have verified with Skype.

Writing long messages with the keyboard in Skype sure beats entering it on a small keyboard on a mobile phone. Skype also lets you send the same message to multiple contacts. But the best feature of them all has to be the price; the messages are a lot cheaper. A quick comparison for the countries I sent most messages to:

  • Italy: Vodafone Italy 0.150 euro, Skype 0.102 euro
  • Norway: Vodafone 0.300 euro. Skype 0.086 euro

Since the sender appears with my mobile number it is transparent to the recipient that I sent them from Skype. Coolissimo!

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