Monday, January 15, 2007


Free trip around the Moon

This sounds too good to be true: is offering free trips around the Moon as well as free trips to orbit. Sam Dinkin explains how it will be possible on the Space Review:

FreeSpaceShot doesn’t have a huge bankroll for advertising. If it did, I would use part of it to buy a spaceflight for myself instead of spending enough for a spaceflight to open up the dream of spaceflight to everyone else in the world. FreeSpaceShot needs to have its message spread primarily by word of mouth. We don’t want to wait until the age of personal spaceflight is well underway, we want to start giving away flights now. So we must be very eclectic in who we target. In particular, we are targeting kids aged 9–13.

The concept is a bit unusual as the flights to the moon will be financed by kids playing online games and watching ads:

Kids, though, do have time. If I can get one percent of kids 9–13 to play three hours a day, 30 times per hour, watch 15 ads per play, and charge $1 per thousand ads, I can put together a prize pool of $150 million in a couple of years. If I can match the $16 ad rates of IGN, a gaming and entertainment site, I can put together ten flights to the Moon per year.

I don't know if it will work but I hope it does for the kids (and that I was young enough to participate…)


  1. All ages can participate, if they are young enough at heart to dream...

  2. Thanks for the clarification and good luck with the project!

  3. i just wanted to know that is there a contest that u win and get 4 free tickets to go to the moon (for kids). please reply me