Friday, November 30, 2007


Gizmo 4.0 beta

Gizmo 4.0 beta has just been released with a lot of interesting features:

  • Video Calling - Make free video calls, even if only one person has a webcam.

  • Completely Redesigned Interface - Even easier to use, with an enhanced contact list.

  • Meta-IM - Chat with AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live, GTalk, iChat and more.

  • Group Chat - Communicate as a group in real-time.

  • File Sharing - Instantly share files on your computer with family and friends.

  • Custom Avatars - Customize your Gizmo profile with a personal photo.

  • Tabbed Chat Interface - Organize all your live chats within one window.

  • Chat Logging - Record and save chat sessions you can read again later.

1 comment:

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