Wednesday, February 2, 2005


iTECH Bluetooth virtual keyboard

Dave's iPAQ  reviews the iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

I am a sucker for Bluetooth gadgets and this thing is a must have if you find yourself taking a lot of notes in places where there is a desk. Meetings could take a lot longer though as fellow geeks will not let you go until you have explained what this dark beaming Sentinel is. The Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard  adds Bluetooth support to their infrared keyboard. This beauty beams a normal QWERTY keyboard on most surfaces. Type ahead on the desk and the VKB translates your movements to keyboard presses.

Cool Or What? - according to Dave: 

OK, so now I have loaded the drivers, paired the device, started the VKB program and enabled it to start. The question is --- does it really work?

And the answer is --- YOU BET IT DOES!!

My first test was with Pocket Word. After starting the keyboard, I opened Pocket Word and started to type. As I looked up at the screen, to my absolute amazement, it was entering text as my fingertips touched the projected template. WOW! --- is this cool or what! However, I did notice that I was entering a few extra characters as I was typing and I was not pressing those keys.

Thanks for the tip Mike!

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  1. So far, I have failed to get the BTVKB to work with anything other than a MAC. I have a Nokia N73, HP iPAQ hw6915 and a Sony Vaio PCG-TR5MP running XP Professional SP2.

    I've tried all the drivers I can find. I can pair the devices up to a point - they share the keys, but that's it. Any suggestions / ideas will be very welcome.