Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Access Wikipedia from a PDA using Wapedia

I use Wikipedia a lot. Mostly to link to terms I use in my posts but also to look up subjects I am not familiar with. It is one impressive service.

Wapedia, contrary to what the name suggests, gives Wikipedia access from any PDA device, not only WAP devices. I have tried it with a Nokia 6630 (WAP 2.0) as well as a Pocket PC and it works like a charm with both devices. I did not try the more difficult WAP 1.0 devices, like the Nokia 6210, but the pages are short enough to work.

Accessing Wikipedia directly with a mobile device is a disaster. The Nokia 6630 downloaded close to 100kb of data but was only able to display the first few lines (what a ripoff):

Wikimedia needs your help in its US$75,000 fund drive. See our fundraising page for details.
We are over 55% there thanks to all those who have donated so far! Day 4 detail and report (

The Pocket PC is able to display the entire Wikipedia page but it is not user friendly. Skweezer does a good job of rendering wikipedia on PDAs but I prefer the wapedia interface as it is lighter and works on more devices.

Wapedia is fast, free, without ads, and it does what it promises to do: give mobile accesses to wikipedia.

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