Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Gmail on the Pocket PC

The new gmail "basic mode" works on the Pocket PC. The GUI is a bit cramped on my iPaq 4150 but it looks better on the latest Pocket PCs that work in landscape mode. The login is via https so it is safer than 3rd party services like  that post the user name and password in clear text.

There are some features that don't work on the Pocket PC web interface:

  • Sending attachments (limitation of Pocket Explorer)

  • Creating filters

  • Spell checker

  • Java Script features like auto complete

Otherwise it works like a charm. You can also try the basic GUI in a web browser by clicking the "basic HTML" link at the end of the page:

The only thing missing now is a gmail notifier for the Pocket PC that integrates on the Today screen.

Let me know, by commenting on this post or using the contact form, if you want a gmail account as I have several invitations. You can also check out the gmail spooler which has an unbelievable 450.702 invitations waiting to be shared at the time of writing.

Via [jkOnThRun]


  1. its true, we need a gmail notifier for pocket pc!

  2. Believe it or not, I just started making one :-)

    The PC version is functional but the Pocket PC version is not finished yet as the APIs are limited and I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the project.

  3. I've been looking into a gmail notifier for ppc. I have been able to use Gmails rss feed with rss readers, and set them to check for updates every 10 mins. Seems to work ok. A dedicated notifier would be better though.

  4. Thanks for the RSS tip!

    I have not been desperate enough to dedicate long nights to implement a dedicated notifier (yet). It may change when I go on vacation without a PC this summer...

  5. I'd love to see GMail notification built into the Today screen. It'd be real useful.

  6. Has there been any progress on this project? I would really love to have a notifier since I just bought a pocket pc lol

    If so, could someone send me a link? ""...Thanks

  7. thanks for the tips; are there any instructions on how to set the rss feeds?

  8. Any progress on the Gmail Pocket PC "Today Screen" plugin/app yet? I can always code one (give or take a few months) if someone has some example code or something... I mean it's just a notifier right? Should be simple enough.... perhaps.

  9. I finished most of the work, including the GMail protocol, but I hit a limitation in .NET CF which I used for development.

    Give me a shout via the contact form if you want to give me a hand with the development.

  10. I would LOVE to see a Gmail Notifier for the Today page. Any new updates? :-)

  11. At the moment I don't have a delivery date as I hit a limitation in .NET Compact Framework that requires a lot of coding to work around. The Gmail Pocket PC is a spare time project so I don't have a delivery date yet.

    I will keep you posted.