Friday, March 25, 2005


DIY RFID implant

A guy implanted a small RFID tag into his hand and posted the pictures on flickr.  The device is passive and stores an ID which he will use to open the car door, the house, log onto the computer etc. By operating the RFID tag into the hand he solved the main problem; loosing the keys RFID tag.

I would love to use RFID to automatically log into the computer as well but I am not ready to implant one (yet). Since the device is only a couple of millimeters it would be cool to have a passive RFID tag that can be embedded in a ring or a nice bracelet. It has to be waterproof of course so it never has to be taken off.

Synometrix makes wristbands but they are not waterproof:

They also make bracelets but fluorescent green is not really my color:

Maybe I should try to convince the local watch repair shop to insert RFID labels inside the watches I used the most?

Via [Boing Boing]

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