Monday, August 1, 2005


Google Earth

I passed around the link to Google Earth in the office on last week and it was an immediate hit. I didn't post about earlier as my site seems an advertisement for Google lately considering all the cool stuff they are releasing...

I couldn't resist though; Google Earth is just too impressive. I spend 20% of my time working on the real time routing/distance calculation of GIS system and it just makes me more impressed with what Google has done. Try the "Colorado River View" in the places menu to get an idea:
Use the zoom and tilt controls to enjoy a 3D view of the Grand Canyon

Right click on any placemark and choose "Email..." to send a shortcut via e-mail. The mail contains instructions for how to install and use the placemark. You can also search the Keyhole BBS for links to famous places like Mount Everest or enable the “Keyhole Community BBS“ Layer to see placemarkers inserted by other people.

I am "lucky" enough to live in an area with high definition imaging and I must admit it is weird to be able see the trees in my garden from a sattelite...

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