Thursday, August 11, 2005


EzLink NG

EzLink organizes and streams audio, video and images to networked DVD/DivX players like Kiss DVD PlayerEzLink NG is an enormous leap in functionality compared to the previous EzLink version, not to mention the PC-Link software that comes with Kiss DVD players.

The new version is just fantastic and comes with some impressive features:

  • Video re-encoding on the fly! It automatically converts formats like WMV and ASF that are not supported by some DVD players at run time while the movie is streaming.
  • Media Center compatible as well as PC Link compatible
  • Automatic image conversion of formats like BMP and WMF to JPEG
  • It can run as an NT Service
  • KML User Interface using the built in web browser on the dvd player. You can make your own pages using the built in EZK scripting language.
  • Improved browsing of contents. You can customize the name of the files by adding for example the duration of a movie. You can configure “virtual sub folders“ so you can browse by letter, year, artist etc.
  • Custom web radio stations
  • Display RSS feeds on the player

You can download a 30 day evaluation copy of Release Candidate 1 from the EzLink NG web site.

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