Saturday, December 3, 2005


Live lingerie models

Not sure if the lingerie will look nice on your lady? Spellbound  in Maine may have found the answer: Live lingerie models:

"Women will come in and say they're here because they saw a girl in the window and liked what she was wearing or their husband saw an outfit and really liked it," Spellbound owner Felicia Stockford said.

I think it is a cool idea but I am sure that not everybody appreciates the concept. The articles I came across on CNN and The Boston Channel only refer to female models but the concept should work just as well for male models.


  1. It's interesting that this site's content includes both this Spellbound news article (hawking its wares for them) and also promotes the need for contributions to help prevent AIDS. No contradiction there, right?

    Felicia Stockford's actions are reprehensible. As an Augusta resident, I find these teenager exhibitionist performances to be offensive and not in keeping with our current Augusta community standards. Further, she degrades these same teenagers by giving them a forum for their (self-described, mind you) exhibitionist activities. And she initially only paid them in underwear until th Maine Attorney General informed her that the practice was illegal under state labor law statutes.

    The fact that more traditional feminists are not speaking out in opposition to this speaks to the death of the feminist movement. She is a negative community influence, one that our children need to be protected against, by local ordinance if necessary.

  2. I'd recognize the mind (or lack thereof) behind those crazed rantings anywhere! The "Mike" comments listed above are yet another one of the many misguided and quite frankly tiresome diabtribes of Mike Heath, mindless mouthpiece of the "christian" (because we all know his isn't) "civic" (same point) league of Maine.

    Isn't it interesting how this advocate of the literal interpretation of the bible has suddenly become such a strong supporter of the feminist movement! Hmmmm, and doesn't he live in China?... Okay, the League's headquarters are in Augusta - let me just add that if they put the building up for sale I am going be first to place a bid it - I am always bemoaning my lack of closet space! No doubt this building housing the headquarters of the "christian" "civic" league of Maine is literally bursting with closets - although rumour has it that all of the doors are superglued and deadbolted shut!!!