Thursday, December 15, 2005


Autographed helmets of Capirossi and Biaggi for sale on eBay

The Clinica Mobile is a non-profit organization which relies upon sponsorship and donations to ensure specialist medical support not only for all competitors, but also all personnel associated with the championships at every Grand Prix and World Superbike round. Loris Capirossi and Max Biaggi have donated their autographed helmets to the Clinica Mobile which are selling them on eBay.  The auction winners will get a collector’s item and help support the Clinica Mobile's great work.

The autographed helmet of Loris Capirossi  has already reached 1.260 euro 
 (ends 20-December-05 08:47:37 CET)

The autographed helmet of Max Biaggi is a lot cheaper at 632 euro
 (ends 20-December-05 08:49:35 CET)

It is strange that the Biaggi helmet is not selling better as this could be his last MotoGP helmet. Max Biaggi has a hard time getting a new team given the statements he has made the last few years. The sponsor of many years (Camel) and bike (Kawasaki) are apparently ready but it's hard to compete without tires...

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  1. The final auction prices were not much higher.

    Capirossi: 1.410

    Biaggi: 642