Sunday, February 5, 2006


Star Trek: New Voyages

Dedicated fans have created several episodes of Star Trek; New Voyages that can be downloaded online (with DVD cover of course):

The original Star Trek set out on a five-year mission that network execs cut
short in 1969. Now a new confederation of amateur Kirk worshippers and studio
renegades is repairing the space-time continuum and finishing the job.
The great people helping Marshall make New Voyages have grown more proficient with each episode. But it's still obvious at times that this is the work of enthusiastic amateurs. As with almost all fan films, the weakest element of New Voyages has been the acting. For this third episode, the New Voyages staff has worked hard to improve things. Cawley lacks Shatner's vulnerability, but he has a little of his swagger, enough to be passable in the role of Captain Kirk. And there's a certain verisimilitude when the guy playing Chekov is, well, Chekov.

Via Wired 12|2005

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