Monday, February 6, 2006


The Cool Or What link blog

Check out the Cool Or What link blog  to see the best items on my blog roll that I never posted about. I come across a lot of interesting items on my blog roll that I don't post about. It is a shame, so I have decided to something about it and create a link blog.

I will keep the link blog separate from my blog for now. Cool Or What will continue to have a post or so a day but the link blog will have more traffic (~10 posts per day?). It is an experiment and the future of the link blog is not clear to me yet. I may keep it separate forever or integrate it in Cool Or What using a dedicated category.

I spent the weekend considering the different formats:

  • One daily post with 10-20 links. Many bloggers do this but I don't like it: it is difficult to find interesting items in a long list with short description. Worst of all; I cannot mark items I want to study/post later
  • Repost the data as it is with clear links to the source blog. Scobleizer did this on his linkblog for a while. I like the approach as a "best of the best feeds" but I decided not to do it. Many people was upset with Scobleizer for "stealing" their contents and I guess I would suffer the same fate.
  • Summary posts: short intro with the key points with a clear link to the original contents. A bit more work than a complete re-post but it keeps the posts short and quick to read. I have used this approach for the items I have posted so far.

Cool Or What?

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