Thursday, June 22, 2006


Watch the Football World Cup in ASCII

Watch the Football World Cup in ASCII live via telnet if you have a broadband or fast mobile connection. Connect via telnet to or and enjoy:

Servingo is working on a more "modern" interface that puts the end-user in control:

Key plays from the various games are provided in real-time as virtual 3-D reconstructions/re-enactments. The fan can view the reconstructed game play in potentially any desired form, at any chosen speed (i.e., real-time, slow-motion, etc.) and from any vantage point. This allows the viewer to assume any position on the field. The fan becomes the camera man, assumes the position of the driving player, the goalie or the trainer/coach, and experience the game through the new perspective. Additional information, either provided in advance (player descriptions, statistics, etc.) or calculable from the reconstructions (distances, movement radii and paths, flight path of ball, etc.), or even an automatic comparison of game plays, are all conceivable possibilities.

Via Bordoni

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