Monday, June 26, 2006


Stay cool with a misting system

I was sold as soon as I saw Bordoni's post on the Outdoor Misting System:

I suffer in the Italian heat but an Outdoor Misting System should make life cooler as it promises to cool the air up to 20 degrees (~10 degrees Celsius) over a 3 meter range. Perfect for the porch in front of the bedrooms where the sun is beating the whole day. At 50$ it costs a lot less than an airconditioning system and it does not use any electricity:

Does your backyard go unused during the hottest days of the year? Enjoy the outdoors all year round with the Outdoor Misting System, an all-in-one kit designed to cool the air by as much as 20 degrees. This easy-to-install system uses a fine mist to cool any 10-foot outdoor area, from patios to decks to greenhouses to pet areas.

The Outdoor Misting System contains everything you'll need to feel cooler, and no electricity or batteries are required. Just attach the mist line to your patio, deck or any outdoor area. Connect the mist line to any standard garden hose. Adjust the nozzles to cool your favorite area, sit back and enjoy! You can even connect multiple kits to this one to cool larger areas, up to 100 feet.


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