Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Fly through water with the Dolphin and SeaBreacher

Innenspace has made a fantastic “boat” that fly through the water much like airplanes fly through the air.

Instead of taking in water to sink beneath the surface like submarines, the Dolphin uses its forward momentum and diving planes to fly beneath the surface. The distinction is much like the difference between an air ship (which uses a light weight gas to obtain lift) and an airplane (which uses its wings to achieve flight).

The Dolphin has full 3-axis control (pitch, roll and yaw) much like an airplane. This allows the Dolphin to perform numerous tricks, not possible with any other watercraft today. These tricks include:

  • Prolonged snorkel dives of 20 seconds at 20 mph

  • Dipping below the water and then jumping clear out of the water

  • Porpoising like a Dolphin

  • Barrel rolls and multiple roll overs

  • Mid air rolls with inverted landings

  • Pitching straight down and popping up backwards

  • Planing at 30 mph with the canopy fully open

  • Diving underneath a rubber raft or prop boat

The new two seater SeaBreacher should be out later this year what can take passengers for rides below the surface. It is 50% larger than the Dolphin and will be able to reach of surface speeds in excess of 40 mph.

A shame they are not for sale...

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