Wednesday, July 18, 2007


CarMD: Check the health of your car

CarMD uses the On Board Diagnostics feature of cars produced the last decade to help you diagnose problems with cars.

The ODB standard defines a set of standard codes that helps identifying the problem.

It is not a replacement for a skilled technician but it can give you peace of mind:

  • Examine a used car before buying: The green, yellow and red lights on the CarMD tester can tell you if the used car you're considering is jewel, a possible lemon, or a big red flag.  

  • Give your vehicle a clean bill of health before road trips : Again, watch the lights. Green = go, Yellow = proceed with caution, Red = consult your mechanic. 

  • Pre-”smog” test your car: Yellow or red lights mean you may not pass a state emissions test. Be sure to consult your mechanic. 

  • Get a second opinion on your mechanic's report: Take your diagnostic report to your mechanic to help ensure they have located the source of your car's pain and are planning to send you a fair bill.

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