Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Sharing many or large private files

A friend of mine asked how to share 160GB of photos and files with a friend?
(yes, that is 160 gigabytes not 160 megabytes). The main problem is that neither of the users are very skilled using computers so putting up a VPN is out of the question. Sending DVDs is not an option either as you need at least 40 DVDs to send so much data.

There are many file sharing/upload systems out there but nobody gives you 160GB of storage.

There are some private P2P networks  around but the only decent alternative I have found so far is Folder Share.

Please let me know if you know of any other alternatives.


  1. Sorry but this time I can't agree with you. If you have to send 160GB there is no point for using internet for such a big load and I would select one of these options (in order of preference):

    1- Ultrium Tape (1 tape)

    2- BlueRay or HD DVD (3 discs)

    3- Hard Disc (1 HDD)

    For delivery time is not an issue in this case since with 10Mbit of "real" internet bandwidth between the two people you would take tipically more than 44 hours to compete the download. That time could be used for a fast delivery service to carry the device everywhere in the world.


  2. Thanks for the suggestions Michele.

    Sending a disk with the data was my first suggestion as well but my friend didn't want to because of the costs so I was left with online alternatives. Sorry, but I forgot to mention that in the post.

    FolderShare looks to be the right solution. It lets you share folders and copies changed/new files in background when both computers are online. The initial synchronization will take forever but that is OK with them.