Friday, August 24, 2007


The father of sudoku makes Masyu

I solved a lot of Sudoku puzzles this winter when I went to Norway during my Christmas vacation. When it is cold and dark it is little else to do than play and eat… I am glad to see that Maki Kaji, the father of Sudoku, has invented Masyu so I don't get too fat next Christmas :-)

 The rules are simple but I don't think it will have the universal appeal of Sudoku as most people will find it more difficult:

  1. Make a single loop with lines passing through the centers of cells, horizontally or vertically. The loop never crosses itself, branches off, or goes through the same cell twice.

  2. Lines must pass through all cells with black and white circles.

  3. Lines passing through white circles must pass straight through its cell, and make a right-angled turn in the cell next to the white circle (left or right).

  4. Lines passing through black circles must make a right-angled turn in its cell, then it must go straight through the next cell (till the middle of the second cell) on both sides.

Example Puzzle



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