Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Cool Tool: PureText

I write a lot of mail and frequently cut and paste text from various programs to Outlook Web Access. OWA accepts whatever formatting the source program used so I frequently end up with ridiculously small fonts and other strange formatting errors. So far I have used notepad as a clip board cleaner; paste the text (Ctrl + v), select the text (Ctrl + a), copy the text again (Ctrl + c). A pain, but not painful enough for me to write a software to fix. Especially since most other programs have a "paste special" option that allows pasting the plain text without formatting junk.

Michale Swanson had the same problem and found PureText after writing his own tool. PureText adds a little PT icon to the task bar that you can click to clean the text or you can use the customizable Windows + V shortcut to paste the cleaned text. Works like a charm, especially for mails and blogs. Added to my Startup menu (which is getting pretty crowded)

Last minute update: Today is a day for celebration. I can finally synchronize my office mail via HTTP using Outlook 2003. It's not great, it's better, it fantastic! I think I'll take a screenshot of OWA, print it and bury it.

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