Tuesday, November 30, 2004



WikiNews is still a demo but it should move to its new home http://en.wikinews.org/ soon:

Welcome to Wikinews, a free-content news source. We embarked on this journey in November 2004, and have written 94 articles. Our mission is to create a world where citizen journalists report the news on a wide variety of current events.

Anyone can help with Wikinews. If you see a headline linking to an empty story, you can create it. If a story needs to be moved to a new title as events develop, please move it. If you know of a headline story from other sources but don't have time to write a story, don't hesitate to add that headline without a story. Learn how to write a Wikinews article here.

Everything here is under construction, so please give us some time to sort out the policies and procedures before relying on Wikinews as a source.

People have a hard time agreeing on some of the facts in WikiPedia. I will be interesting to see how WikiNews handles political, and other, news that are subjective. A shame it didn't cover the US Presidential election...

Via [Wired]

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