Monday, July 18, 2005


Electric unicycle

The Segway costs a fortune and is not licensed for use in Italy yet. Luckily there are creative inventors like Trevor Blackwell come to the rescue with a DIY solution.

The eunicycle is way cool but it requires a bit of practice as you have to be able to ride a unicycle. The site has all you need for building your own electric unicycle:

$1.500 in parts is not cheap but well worth the result if you ask me.

Trevor also built a self balancing 2 wheeled scooter, aka DIY Segway:

It is simpler to drive but not without its “problems“:

I get stopped every few blocks by someone ask about how it works. I don't mind telling people about it, but it does take an awfully long time to get to the coffee shop and back in the morning. And I can't quite drink a cup of coffee on it while moving at any speed, so the net result is that I arrive back at the office, 30 minutes later than if I'd just walked, with a cold coffee. A small sacrifice for Science

Cool Or What?

Via [Make vol 02, page 21]


  1. I love this stuff. Is it possiable to use one of those motors from an electric bicycle conversion? You know, the ones that replace the hub.

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