Monday, September 5, 2005


Linspire is Freespire for a few days

Lindows Linspire is free for a few days. The private "Freespire" project caused some confusion so the author renamed it to 'squiggle' and Linspire did not miss the golden marketing opportunity;

The only true "Freespire," would need to be a FREE COPY of the real LINSPIRE. We thought it would be fun, for all of those who were looking at this project to experience a true "Freespire", to give away a free digital copy of Linspire for a few days! This is actually a great way to highlight what it is that makes Linspire special and unique, and different from other Linux distributions.

The Linspire servers have a hard time keeping up with the traffic created by the popular offer but you should be able to get a free copy in a few hours.

Via Bordoni

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