Thursday, September 8, 2005


Cool Tool: Access the Exchange Global Address List from the Pocket PC

The Pocket PC doesn't allow you to look up names in the Exchange address list or invite other people to meetings. I have worked around the problem by importing the users I work with the most as contacts in Outlook. But no matter how many people I import; Murphy's law makes sure that I have not imported the address I need when I am out of office. Mike recently found a free tool from Microsoft that fixes the problems; the Microsoft Global Contact Access. It is intended for the Pocket PC Phone Edition, but it works like a charm on normal Pocket PCs as well if you can access internet via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Microsoft Global Contact Access installs several new applications on the Pocket PC:

  • Find Contact Online

  • New Email

  • New Meeting; allows you to schedule meetings and check the availability of co-workers online

It also integrates with the Inbox and adds "Email with Find contact", and "New  meeting" menu options.

A must have tool if you use Microsoft Exchange

Via [Bordoni - sempre un passo avanti]


  1. I always get a "unable to connect to server" error. Though I can connect to OWA in my browser. Any suggestions?

  2. Are you using a proxy to connect to the internet on your Pocket PC?

    I use "Microsoft Global Contact Access" with a GPRS connection that does not require a proxy and it works like a charm.

  3. This worked for me. I unchecked Forms Authenication in my login settings and it started working.