Monday, September 5, 2005


Microsoft Reader DRM activation pains

Microsoft Reader can only be activated on 6 devices. I have used all my activations on various Pocket PCs and laptops so I have started looking into "alternative" solutions. Lockergnome has a step by step procedure that allows you to backup transfer the Microsoft Reader registration from one Pocket PC to another. All you have to do is copy these files from the \windows directory to another Pocket PC:

  • secrepid.dat
  • secrep.dat
  • secrep.dll
  • secrep.xml
  • Microsoft Activation.unload

The only alternative I have found for the PC is the free Convert Lit tool. It allows you to extract the contents from a DRM protected Microsoft Reader ebook and create a new ebook in one of the supported formats:

  • Open eBook set of HTML pages with images
  • Microsoft Reader ebook
  • Microsoft Reader ebook with inscription (For "x y")


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