Monday, January 3, 2005


Saving Microsoft streaming video offline with SDP receiver

The previous post on the best race of the 2004 MotoGP season, points to a Microsoft streaming video that you have to watch online. Sitting in front of the PC to watch the whole 1h 23 min of it is not my idea of fun though. Windows Media Player stops to buffer the data if it doesn't get the data fast enough so it can be an exercise in patience watching a long video online.

I decided to use an old tips from Mike and download the whole video with the SDP receiver from the Streaming Download Project so I can watch it when I want, whenever I want. It records the streaming video and saves it to a local WMV file. It has a really cool feature if you're watching via slow connections: it downloads all the data of the video instead of skipping audio/video so you get a perfect playback when the video has been downloaded.

Cool Or What?

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  1. Why not use flashget fot that? It is also useful for all microsoft's webcasts.. ;-)