Wednesday, January 5, 2005


Cool tool: Proxy Buster

I had to download a new driver for my laptop from the HP support site today. HP's downloads are only available via FTP and my proxy at work only supports HTTP so I was lost until I found Proxy Buster

You submit the URL to download and Proxy Buster adds it to the list of files that you want to download. The requests are queued and downloaded in the background so you can come back later to check the status of your downloads in your accounts homepage:

The status changes to "Available" when Proxy Buster has finished downloading the file. You can download the file from the request status page in different ways:

  • unknown: downloads the binary data, declaring the type as "unknown". This may be blocked by some proxy servers.

  • text/plain: downloads the binary data, declaring the type as "text". Bypasses binary download restrictions on some proxy servers

  • base 64: downloads the file encoded as text. You have to decode the file afterward using one of the available tools

  • The file is downloaded with the default name of download.aspx so you have to remember save the file with the correct file name yourself. This is not a big issue, as you can see the file name in the status page.

    The service is free, but you can donate to give your requests higher priority. Request from the user that has donated the most goes to the front of the queue.