Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Burt Rutan's plans for SpaceShipTwo

BBC has the story on Burt Rutan's plans for SpaceShipTwo (SS2)

Several changes will be made to the SpaceShipOne design. The body will be a lot larger, about the same size as Gulfstream V jet (~6 feed high and ~7 feet wide), so it can take up to 8 passengers. It will go higher, and stay up longer, so people will be able to get up and float around.:

"We think that's important. If you want the view, we have handles there so you can float over and put your nose right against your own window.

"Or if you want to pull down your science tray and do whatever you brought along for an experiment, or play with your cat - you have bought the ride, you paid for it.

"This experience is going to have very few restrictions on what you can do because these payloads are doing it for fun and every person has a different idea of what fun is.

Or you can make the members of the 35.000 feet club die of envy by renting the whole ship for a private moment:

"Does that mean that some guy and his girl might want to take the whole ship? OK!"


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