Friday, April 8, 2005


Cool Tool: PDF Creator 0.8

PDFCreator 0.8.0 is the best free PDF Generator I have tried so far, better than CutePDF and PDF 995. The open source generator can be downloaded from Sourceforge (project RSS feeds)

I has several features I really like:

  • You can specify the date, author, subject and keywords of the PDF document
  • By default it uses the name of the source document, and not the previously created PDF like CutePDF
  • It generates small files. A 1MB Word document with several screen shots and a lot off formatting became 160kb with PDF Creator vs 305kb with CutePDF!
  • Plenty of options for fine tuning quality vs size.

Thanks for the tip Michael S!


  1. I've tried both version and GNU version is the best for me. With AFPL I wasn't able to print from Visio.

    My advice is: install GNU version, reboot, install patch02, reboot then You'll be able to print.

  2. pdPDFcreator 0.8.0 bitte ... danke