Monday, March 14, 2005


SanDisk USB flash memory with fingerprint reader

SanDisk introduces the Cruzer Profile USB 2.0 flash memory with fingerprint reader:

The Cruzer Profile will start shipping mid April and come in two versions; 512MB ($99.99) and 1GB ($199.99). A very good price compared to some of the other readers on the market.

LexMark JumpDrive Touchguard
The Thouchguard is a bit dated as is USB 1.0 and only comes in a 256MB ($71) configuration.

BioDisk 2.0
The BioDisk is USB 2.0 and comes in several configurations but it costs almost twice as much as the Cruzer Profile; 128MB ($163), 256MB ($190), 512MB ($307) and 1GB ($462). 

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