Tuesday, October 5, 2004


SpaceShipOne did it again

Cool Or What? They did it again. The same space ship went to space twice in less than a week.  It is just fantastic that we have gone from the moon landing to a private space launches with live web casts in half a life time.

Last weeks space launch was exiting with the unexpected roll while SpaceShipOne went to space. It shows the dedication, and balls, of the test pilot when he decided to continued burning the rocket until he was sure he would break the 100km mark even if ground control suggested aborting the mission earlier. Stuff you only see in the movies.

I'm really glad I found the time to watch the web casts live. I realize it's not sputnik or the moon landing but I still think it was a great moment. I don't expect to take a private shuttle trip around the earth anytime soon but I can at least dream.

The launches shows several things I believe in firmly:

  • You can if you want: 62 (going on 63) when you fly(?) the first private space ship to space

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Same cockpit and very similar flying behavior between SpaceShipOne and White Knight. Pure genius if you ask me.

As a 'space nut' I think it was a very nice touch of Burt Rutan to schedule the price winning flight for the 4th of October: the anniversary of the Sputnik I flight.

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