Monday, October 18, 2004


Valentino Rossi MotoGP champion 2004

What a race!  

Yamaha is turning 50 next year and got its first Moto GP title in 12 years when Valentino Rossi won yesterday. Valentino came from Honda last year and was the first rider ever to win back to back races on machines from two different manufacturers this spring. The president of Yamaha, Toru Hasegawa, has put even higher goals for the next year;

As Yamaha Motor Company prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding next year, we dedicate ourselves to continuing the challenge of achieving even higher goals - such as winning the MotoGP World Manufacturers Championship title. By doing so, we hope that we can continue to bring you all that special blend of excitement and deep felt satisfaction that we at Yamaha call "Kando", while helping to promote the awareness and popularity of motorcycling worldwide.

Should be feasible as Colin Edwards will replace Carlos Checa in the Yamaha Factory Racing team in 2005. Yamaha and Honda are very close this year with Valentino winning most of the points by himself (one race remaining):
1 Honda 335
2 Yamaha 303
3 Ducati 153

A lot of the honor goes to Jeremy Burgess which mangaged to put together such a great bike in no time. Let's hope Ducati gets their stuff together earlier next season so Capirossi has a chance to fight for the title as well.

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