Tuesday, October 12, 2004


DUH? Dilbert's house

Dilbert's House is online. It has been designed buy thousands of Dilbert fans with features only a nerd can think of.

First, let me give you some background. As you probably know, most of the people who design houses hate your guts. For example, they know you'll never use the formal living room, yet they include it so you'll have to pay extra. They tease you with a fancy-schmancy dining room, making you fantasize about hosting important dinners for heads of state, despite the reality that you eat your meals directly from the refrigerator.

Wonder if it is too late to make some more suggestions:

  • Japanese style toilet with auto wash and auto dry so you're free to use your PDA/laptop at all times. A voice controlled one would be cool but I guess it could cause problems with foreigners on visit or people who swear a lot?

  • RFID tag everything, including the guests. Make sure they don't get lost or run of with your latest and greatest gadgets

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