Thursday, October 7, 2004


Hellacious inbox: 100GB available space

Got a mail this morning from Hellacious Riders this morning explaining that they had a huge backlog and they asked me to resubmit the request for the mailbox. A couple of minutes later I had a brand new mailbox with 107374182.4 Mb (~102GB) available space:

I have sent some test mails and the service works like a charm. The GUI is simple to use, fast and -without- advertisements (at least so far).

The only thing I don't like is the port of the web mail, 8383, as my proxy server at work doesn't support it :-(
I hope I can convince their technical support to use a standard port like 80 or 8080



  1. i want to become the member of 100 GB email accout so then plz send me a password and id is

  2. It seems like Hellacious Riders closed the service :-(

    Gmail continues to increase the size of their mailbox so not all is lost.