Wednesday, November 10, 2004



IM Smarter is a neat idea. No software to install on the client; you just point your IM client to the IM Smarter proxy server and it takes care of everything. It proxies your messages to the people you're chatting with and saves the log on the server so you can access them later, no matter which client you used. It also adds a handy reminder feature. Just send  "remind me in 10 minutes to do something" or "bug me" and the proxy will set up a reminder:

Even if you sign off and sign on somewhere else, the system will let you know when it's time to remind you. If you're logged off at the time of the reminder (or not logged on through the proxy), the system will hold on to the message and show it to you when you next log on.
We like to call this system "microscheduling", since it's for things you'd never formally schedule or put on your calendar. Think of it like having hundreds of labelled eggtimers without having all the ticking driving you insane. :)

My problem: I already use a http proxy at work to connect to the internet so I can't use the IM Smarter proxy :-(

Via [BoingBoing]

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