Thursday, November 25, 2004


Using DRM protected eBooks with a Pocket PC

My wish came through: another business trip so I could get a chance to read Gods Debris and the Religion wars

I spend most of yesterday night going crazy buying the eBook:

  1. I went through the purchase process on but in the end it told me that it can't "ship" the eBook outside the US.

  2. Same result on and They're worse than the US site anyway as they don’t offer Microsoft Reader support and they cost more now that the Euro is very strong

  3. requires it's own custom reader :-(

  4. In the end I found which offers Microsoft Reader as well as Adobe Acrobat formats 

  5. It was getting late so I decided to get the Acrobat as it offers printing if the author allows it and I thought it could be read on the Pocket PC

  6. Acrobat refused too download the eBooks giving the following error: The 'Updater' plug-in has been removed. Please re-install Acrobat to continue viewing

  7. Fixed the problem by undoing my previous Adobe Acrobat 6.0 optimization

  8. Successfully opened both eBooks on my PC. Hurray!!!!! God's Debris can even be printed!

  9. Can't open the DRM protected eBooks on my Pocket PC. Buuuu!

  10. Found the Link to DRM Activation with the Adobe Reader 7.0 Beta post in the Adobe forums. Looks like the Pocket PC is supported in Acrobat 7.0. Hurray!!!

Now I'm facing a big dilemma: do I download what should be a beta of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 from a Chinese site and risk loads of trojans or do I wait for the thing to be released?

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